Explain Google Page insight 2020 What is New ? and More

Today we are going to review the new Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, if you have not heard about it yet, then let us tell you that it is the platform of google which has been upgraded now when we did not even see Google properly. Was, then we could start seeing it.

What Google Page Insight And How Does it work

PageSpeed’s information has now undergone a major change in how it works, how it was before, the only important thing is that it has provided you with important information, the received byte, which originally showed it how fast it was Se had its server, but everything else can be found elsewhere, but they did much better, I think it analyse the speed of every page.

See this is about analyzing my main page, which I know you need to do a work in analysis and we can see it in the mobile tab. 42 and sitting at 0:49, then super slow and then floating on the desk and I’m sitting at the desk for 91 which is in a fast area, how can the desk be so slow? Okay,

Google tries to convince me that some of the more important things that I like here, the first material is the full painting, the first important painting. From all these different paint numbers I think the desk showed better images. At least they examine the mind such as red. Better but painting means that from the user experience the speed of my backup site is not GT matrix wise. This is because GT Metrics will measure how long it takes to load everything and that’s great,

But a user cares if some JavaScript takes a long time to load. If the website still does not work, how long is the site speed really for the user, how long does it take to click on the link and how long does it take to get to the website, it seems that I see nothing And this paint number is worth it in the beginning.

The painting appears on the first page and the user is like recovering and then you do something that you buy a little bit more time, as if the user was fine, something is happening that I will keep bouncing and that time the desk is on seven seconds. The boom will continue, I have my first important painting on-site or the first material on the first phone. 1.3 They say they are telling us a little bit slow. At least we had something at point 7. We earned a little more time to get 3 points and then we showed how long it took to load everything, otherwise, the first material filled with mobile paint 2.7 seconds ago was worth 6 seconds of painting.

My Mobile is: It won’t be interesting if you run it on your site, it’s interesting to let us know in the comments below. Are you slow on desktop or vice versa? Do you have a connection between these two speeds?

I think the difference is that Google is where they get their data? They analyzed the pages emitted on mobile networks, so they were simulating slower connections because desktop connections are generally faster than mobile connections. It may have something to do with it, so the connection is slow, but I haven’t distributed light content on mobile devices,

Some desktops have the same content, so maybe that’s the problem and as we scroll we can see some opportunities to improve screen images, display pictures on the use of CSS in next-generation formats and if you click here. It shows you what image you are talking about and the things you can address, like me. The main image at the top is a problem they don’t like.

I think their authority is huge. I can do a lot to compress it, but there are many things to do on any website and you cannot be at the top. How it is using the scan is all. Gee is really important because it’s not all of Lee’s stuff, you don’t know the things that are going to happen in left field. things are. He may forget to do it or do the things he knows he should do, but still, he did not apply it in any way. The justification for doing such a scan is more about our diagnosis and we have approved 12 audits on this site, yes, although I approved it, there is a big caveat here anyway.

I am working on a series of complete tutorials on how to use these scans and address each item individually. To speed up the site and it will not only be for Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, but it will also be for GT Metrics and Ping Dome and you will step on every step and try to get our site up to speed. In the 90s, we have to work on mobile devices, but they get both mobile devices and desktop computers in the 90s or get closer to 100 and make our sites faster, so if you Have not verified it yet and leave a comment below with your score because it is good or bad.


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