How to Create a Sitemap for Your Blog. Website and Submit into Google Search Console

sitemap generate

Today I am going to tell you how to create a sitemap for a WordPress website and submit it to Google Search Console. I am going to do this through a yoast Seo plugin. This is a very popular SEO plug-in and it is really good.

It automatically creates an XML sitemap. If you do not want to use the plug-in, watch the video that appears on your screen. Now I know some of them are thinking that plugins are for losers, but I really like to use plug-ins because your sitemap every time you create a new page or post, you should Must login to your WordPress dashboard. this.

After that go to Plugins in the left menu and click on the new next type Yoast SEO in the search field. Install the Yoast SEO plug-in, this may take some time, but once it is activated it will now take you to the plugins overview and in the left menu you will have a new item called SEO hover and simple Select it as follows.

Yoast SEO Dashboard but you can’t. There is nothing here yet. We need to go to the tab tab above here, where you can see what features you have added. And turn them on and off, until we make sure that Arnie the XML sitemap is on, how do you turn it on? Your women and they are very sensitive. Ok Arni which is a bit strange then click on the question mark.

This will reveal some useful links. Click on the link that view the XML sitemap. This is an XML sitemap that Yoast SEO has put on your website. Actually only one observation page is created. If you click on one of these, you will see the actual XML com as if you were on this website. Ray so that you can see that all blog posts can appear on the next site map overview copy page URL.

Now submit the URL to Google, so go to Google and search the search console and click on the first option and then click on Start. If you already have an account, you will see a page like this. If you have not signed in yet, please pause the video and you will have to sign up for an account and verify.

you have it The domain that I show you how to do is the video that now appears on your screen, so repeat that you don’t have the right website in this drop-down. After that go to the problematic sitemap in the left menu and then in the sitemap field you can paste the tamp URL and click submit. Google will now crawl your site map and once this happens.

it will show you this message but if you have looked at the submitted sitemap then I currently get an error that I have done something and obviously sometimes Sometimes a bug occurs in the new Search Console and you should come a day later to see if the situation has changed and once you have the next day, but let’s look at something like this.

If you have a new website, it may take you two weeks to show up in Google search results and if you have a more established website, it can be just a few minutes, if Google search has sent you to Google Is picked up and searching for the site, then the site colon for your domain is to tell Google that you only want the page from this domain. For example in my case Google has raised this, but because I intentionally set it to not only display in Google, where you can see where it’s originally, this website exists, I hope Is that this post is useful for you

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