What in Google Compute Engine and features


In this article Introduction to Google Cloud Platform, we are going to tell you about many shortcomings of Google Cloud Platform, which is about Google Cloud Platform today and you can come from any other cloud platform or you are eager for it You can: Learn about the cloud and the specifics of how Google Cloud is being offered and what this course is about.

What in Google Compute Engine and features

A lot of material in terms of breadth and we will not go into too much detail on the special items reserved for some other courses, so my purpose is to tell you what the terms are and what the abstract is and then what we will do in some labs where you can find additional Can do research and get an experience for things so you’re going to hear about different parts of the cloud and you They will experiment in some laboratories that.

I have disco verbs and I have worked in different clouds, even the terminology is not disposed of, so a particular vendor may use a word in a certain way. And another vendor might use it differently,

so I hope you leave Google’s understanding of when they use the service as a service for example platforms and say a brief Going to observe Google Cloud Platform, which will include a brief tour. The names of hardware underpinnings that they give to various intangibles, such as what it means to be global at the resource, what it means to be regional at the resource and what it means to be at the top of the hardware level,

And it is important to understand that there is a distinct difference between the two of you, so why choose a cloud platform to get a good start, one of the things Google has recently done One of the things offered is that if you look at the cost of a computer if you look at it for your own life, most of the cost is energy, and Google has its own data centres that are very efficient and they have Security has invested a lot in high-speed networking.

I believe companies and especially small companies simply cannot match that investment, so cloud is a business for people. There is movement that realizes that renting is better than buying a computer and if you see that the Google Cloud Platform has years and years of experience, then search for your Gmail to build a cloud platform for you that you YouTube is known for their various offers and they took some time ago to make it available for all visits.

We are doing this so that we can build and test applications on their platform and implement that scale such as storing information in a Google application scale computing solution.

There is no one ideal way. Google offers many options for calculating your choices and storing your options for big data, one of which Google is truly a leader in machine learning so that we can work by opening it up and developing our global computing infrastructure Along with Goggles apps.

they can run their applications and as you know Google has been in business for a long time, so they have the ability to correct their technology For so long, so here are a few I would like to terms that I defined that we have a data centre is a facility that is a building or several buildings that have their power substation high security.

There are perimeter fences. There are all kinds of codes that you have to use to get inside. Then every few people are ever highly secure inside a data centre and this is where all computers are. This is where networking you know that the cloud has low-level computation power, which is their residence. Various data centres and they are opening many more.

I talk about that after a while another important thing about Google’s infrastructure is that they have built very well. Here is a very well thought out networking that is underneath all of this. The global fake redundant fibre-optic network that spans the world and I don’t know if you’ve seen in recent news that they have a relationship with Asia, has announced that they have put the fibre down so that they are actively Enable new connection.

The point of presence is the end of Google and the rest of the internet, so if you have a computer and you need to go to the packet, they will transfer to your computer via the internet and they will hit a point of presence and this is where Where your packet will reach your connection on google compute engine and find your way to the data center and they currently have more than 110 presence points in 33 countries, flowing Not so long ago I thought they were expanding back to 80

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